Statement RE: School of Social Work

Statement RE: School of Social Work

January 31

Today the School of Social Work, in collaboration with the Ryerson University Social Work Students’ Union – SWSU, is hosting the first part of their Racism Talks Series. So let’s talk. Let’s talk about the fact the School of Social Work deliberately excluded the Black Liberation Collective and Indigenous Students Rising to form this partnership with the Students’ Union; a space that is notably respectable in its politics and work. Let’s talk about how this Series comes off the activism of Black and Indigenous students who fought last year to address anti-Black and anti-Native racism within the School.
The School of Social Work cites this Series a way to move forward, yet they do this without including the very students who demanded they make a move in the first place. So we hope at this Series the School of Social Work actually addresses their anti-Black and anti-Native racism. To those attending, thinking of attending, and presenting at these events we feel it important for you to know what this these talks really are.