Our Demands

  1. Apology from Henry Parada
  2. Take anti-Black and anti-Native racism out of the School of Social Work mission
  3. University-wide systemic review on anti-Black racism
  4. Resources for the Black Liberation Collective
  5. School of Social Work provide an award for Black students
  6. Awards for Black students that are not affiliated with the Office of Equity, Community, Inclusion. (Completed)
  7. President Lachemi, VP Denise O’Neil Green, and Dean Barnoff spend a day in workshop focusing on anti-Black racism.
  8. President Lachemi hold a listening session on his own to meet with Black students, staff, and faculty to learn/hear about anti-Black racism on campus
  9. Action-plan to be reported back by January 18th, 2018 (Completed)
  10. Create a minor in Black Studies and a stream in School of Social Work, Faculty of Community Services, and Faculty of Arts
  11. Faculty of Community Services (Dean Lisa Barnoff) strike up a small ad hoc committee of Black and Indigenous faculty (4-6 people) to support Faculty of Community Services

***Everywhere we’ve suggested a committee, groups must have a chairperson that is selected by the distinct group and must include the Black Liberation Collective-Ryerson***