Black Frosh Toronto

BLC-Ryerson hosted intercollegiate Black Frosh Toronto, from

September 10-September 15, in hopes of creating a safer, engaging, and transformative Frosh for Black students! We put together an array of events, based on student feedback, meant to connect Black students to one another, our Black communities on campus, as well as to important conversations on what it means to be Black in academia, this city/province/nation, and world.

Black Frosh wasn’t just meant for first years, but was a space for Black students of all years! Most importantly Black Frosh Toronto was FREE! 

Black Frosh Toronto Equity Statement:

The Black Liberation Collective-Ryerson will be hosting the intercollegiate Black Frosh . Throughout all of our various events, and spaces that we curate, we work to maintain safer and accessible spaces. As we plan to celebrate and bring together the diversity of Black people, we work to main spaces of respect and justice, and therefore any statements/actions/ideas that are sexist, racist, misogynistic, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, classist and imperialistic will be addressed, as well as other forms of violence (sexual, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual.) We understand that people come to spaces with different knowledges, but if it comes to an instance where an individual refuses to maintain/create a space of safety, respect, and justice than those individuals may be removed from Black Frosh events/spaces.

2018’s Black Frosh Calendar:



A Black Map curated by Pascale Diverlus was also a highlight of Black Frosh: