BLC Partnerships with American Companies: Opportunities for Extensions

Since George Floyd's death, anti-racist demonstrations have spread around the world. Led primarily by the Black Lives Matter organization, they sometimes led to violent actions. It is not how we do it!

Have we all become racists? In no case, British journalist and essayist Douglas Murray answers. The author of the two bestsellers The Strange Death of Europe and The Madness of Crowds talks about this new anti-racism that he accuses of being more obsessed with "race" than with eliminating racism.

The Black Liberation Collective aims to stop this actions and make the fight more peaceful thanks to our partners from the United States (Missouri and other states). They have the same visions and support our mission to get people's best perception in fighting racism dogma. Our collective operates from a theoretical lens of anti-Black racism. It means we actively make space for and include all Black people through elevating, supporting, and including the most marginalized in our communities.